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Latest Software Version:
The latest software release includes support for LTO 9 cartridges. Readers with Firmware version 7.7.1 or higher are compilable with LTO 9
See here to find out if your reader is LTO 9 compatible.
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Check your version

We are improving the VeriTape® software by adding more features. A newer version may be available than the version you received at the time of purchase.

To check your version go to "Help" "About". The software version is displayed in the upper right corner below the VeriTape® logo.

Release History
Support for LTO 9 cartridges
Added support for LTO 9, the latest LTO cartridge with 18TB (native) capacity. For more information about LTO 9 cartridges see: IBM LTO 9 cartridge specifications
Support for 3592 JE cartridges
Added support for the latest 3592 cartridge with 20TB capacity. For more information about the JE cartridge see: IBM 3592 cartridge specifications
Support for LTO 8 and M8 cartridges
Added support for LTO 8 and M8 formatted cartridges. For more information about M8 format see: IBM LTO Type M cartridge (M8)
Correct reporting of 3592 Cartridge Capacity
The total and the remaining capacities of some 3592 cartridges were reported incorrectly in the previous version.
The release fixes the problem.
Support of LTO 7 cartridges. Support of several additional 3592 cartridge formats.
Many 3592 improvements.
Thanks again to our friends in Tucson who have been very supportive.
LTO 7 support.
Support for the latest LTO generation.
3592: Many improvements and additions.
Added support for JD, JL, JZ, JC, JK, and JY cartridges.
Display type and size of partitions.
Display encryption information for each partition.
Identify and show WORM cartridges.
Improved bar code reading, improved calculation of 3592 values, and enhanced eraser report
Improved bar code reading.
Detect failures when reading the bar code label and retry failure cases.
3592: Save previous recording format id in file.
3592 tapes can be written in several formats. The cartridge capacity varies with the recording format. VeriTape® keeps track of previous formats to correctly calculate the total amount of data written.
Eraser: Support erasing of 3592 FMR tapes.
Added support to allow erasing and FID writing of FMR tapes.
Eraser: Added serial numbers of Eraser and FID writer to eraser report sort criteria.
The erasing report can be sorted based on several values. This change adds the serial numbers of the eraser and the FID writer as additional sorting values.
Added partitioning, encryption, and reduced capacity information (LTO and 3592)
Display encryption information. Encryption is available starting with LTO 4. Encrypted data and non encrypted data can be on the same tape. VeriTape® shows you which data on the tape are encrypted.
Display partition information. Partitioning is available starting with LTO 5 tapes. VeriTape® shows the number of partitions and their sizes.
What is partitioning?
Example of partitions displayed by VeriTape
Display reduced capacity.
Why reduce the capacity?
3592: Many corrections and enhancements (With our thanks to our friends in Tucson)
Show logical File Protection
Show recording format

Added ability to read Veritape® files without a Veritape® device attached
• Both LTO and 3592 files can be read by a system without requiring the attachment of a Veritape® device.

Improved barcode processing and several improvements for 3592 cartridges.
• Process barcode labels that include a checksum.
• Provide separate path for LTO and 3592 processing.

Modify MAM Volser atributes to match bar code label on tape & several improvements.
• Remove Volser attribute in MAM if no bar code label on tape
• Fix error for cartridges with exactly one mount.
• Display red background for cleaner and eraser errors.
• Fix status message for "labled" tapes.

Support for LTO 6, addition of mount score, and several 3592 improvements.
• Support for LTO Generation 6. Check here to find out if your reader is LTO 6 compatible.
• Addition of mount score. What is this ?
• Several improvements for 3592 cartridges.
• Various bug fixes.

Display of cleaner information and several bug fixes.
• Display of cleaned tapes.
• Enhanced support of LTO5 cartridges.
• Various bug fixes.

Various fixes & addition of display.
• Display "new tape" when tape was never used.
• Display of "Fatal Error" LPOS values.
• Support of 3592 E3 format.

Various fixes & addition of display of certifier information.
• Display "Erased Tape" information for all recertifiers.
• Corrected display of "Fatal Error" information.
• Corrected display for LTO 5 VOLSER and capacity.
• Dispaly of certification of erased cartridges for all vendors.

Quick Erase identifiction and additions for 3592 cartridges.
• Identification for "Quick Erased" cartridges. More about Quick Erase
• Addition of features for VT-3592-BCS. More about model VT-3592-BCS

This release includes two major additions: Support for LTO5 and identification of erased cartridges
• This release includes several changes for LTO 5 cartridges.
• Veritape® now identifies cartridges that have been erased. more

Veritape® Relase adds OEM support and various other improvements
• Correct data size display for LTO3.
• "% Full" is renamed to "Used Capacity (%)" and "Free Space" is renamed to "Remaining Capacity".
• Improve statistic formatting when only one column in summary display has a value.
• Modify Help|About command when file summary is open and no individual cartridge is yet displayed.

Veritape® Relase adds SiteScoreTM for cartridges and drives
• The Cartridge SiteScoreTM is a single number that shows the overall quality of all cartridges in a group.    more
• The Drive SiteScoreTM is a single number that shows the overall quality of all drives in a group.    more
• The new "Free Space" row (below "%Full") shows the remaining capacity of the cartridge.     more
• Put the curser on any item in the "Overview" screen and small pupup windows displays a short explanation of the item.


Veritape® Relase 2.0 differentiates between drive and cartridge failures
• Release 2.0 analyzes the performance of the tape drives in addition to the cartridges.    more
• Provides action recommendations for cartridges and drives.    more
• Automatically identifies failing drives.    more
• Adds a concise site overview.    more
• Many additional additions and improvements.    more
    Download release notice (PDF file).     Release 2.0

Display of Alert flags and enhanced VolSer number editing with Version
• The Alert flags are displayed. Use the Activate 'What's This?' help icon for an explanation of the Alert numbers. • The VolSer edit function is expanded to allow entry of non standard VelSer numbers.

Windows Vista and LTO WORM cartridge support with VeriTape Software Version
• The new VeriTape version is compatible with Windows Vista, as well as with previous Windows versions. Please note that a different driver is required for Windows Vista. • This version supports LTO3 WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) and LTO4 WORM cartrdiges. • VeriTape now displays the percentage of the cartridge used.

VeriTape Software Version supports LTO4
The CM in LTO4 cartridges is double the size of the CM in previous cartridges. The latest version of VeriTape® supports the increased size and other features of LTO4.

VeriTape Software Version available for downloading
• The "Auto Save" function is replaced by the "Save Cartridge History" option Save Cartridge History .
With the "Save Cartridge History" option enabled, Veritape® searches the specified directory for a previously saved scan of the present cartridge. If a record exists, Veritape® adds the new information to this record.
Periodic scans of a cartridge result in a growing record that shows the performance of the cartridge over time. All scans are displayed under the “Usage History” tab. This is a very convenient way to track the performance variations of a cartridge. • Addition of VeriScore to each column in the "Usage History" page. • Addition of the context-sensitive help cursor Activate 'What's This?' help.