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Get ready for LTO 9
New VeriTape® units are ready for LTO 9
Your VeriTape® reader may already be compatible with LTO 9. All recently shipped units include upgraded hardware/firmware for LTO 9 compatibility.
Check the firmware level of your VeriTape® unit
To check the firmware version go to "Help" "About". The Firmware Version is displayed in the second line below the MP Tapes logo.

If the version number is 7.7.1 or above, your unit is ready for LTO 9.
Just down load the latest software and you are ready to scan LTO 9 cartridges.

If the version number is below 7.7.1, your unit requires a hardware upgrade.
Which units can be upgraded?
All units, even the very first VeriTape® unit shipped, can be upgraded by us to the latest level.
Contact us for further information.
Contact us
callemailmailing address
303-774-6361 LTO 9 upgrade MP Tapes, Inc.
1-888-678-2737 1233 Sherman Drive
1-888-MP-TAPES Longmont, CO 80501