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Two Erasing Methods

Secure EraseTM for extremely security sensitive sites

Owners of tape cartridges must have complete confidence that the data have been erased before the cartridges are discarded. Whether the cartridge is redeployed within the same organization or sold outside the organization, protecting the data confidentiality is paramount. Secure Erase is the best available technology to remove the data.

Erasing equipment developed by MP Tapes is the only equipment available that removes all data (more about this) and allows on-site data eradication.

Secure EraseTM is more secure than overwrite

When data are overwritten by the same type of equipment that originally wrote the data, some of the original data remain on tape. With sophisticated methods, these data can be recovered.

The erase component in the Secure Erase equipment generates magnetic fields that are many times more powerful than the write components in a tape drive. This strong magnetic field penetrates the entire magnetic layer of the tape and removes the data entirely.

Secure EraseTM increases the reliability

When a previously recorded tape is overwritten with new data, small magnetizations of the original recording remain. These remaining magnetizations accumulate with each write pass. With each pass it becomes more difficult for the drive to extract the newly written data from the "noise" of the old data.

The very strong magnetic fields of our Secure Erases remove all magnetizations, even the remnants of the very first recording.

Secure EraseTM is much faster than overwrite

Secure Erase takes less than 4 minutes per cartridge. It can take several hours to overwrite a cartridge, making this process very expensive.

Independent cartification.

Leading recovery specialists confirm that no data can be recovered from secure erased tapes. Report

Doing it twice every time

Each erase cycle consists of two erase passes. The first pass removes all data. The second pass erases the entire tape again for added security.

Quick EraseTM, the economical alternative

Quick Erase is the fastest and most economical way to erase a cartridge. It takes less than one minute per cartridge.

LTO drives use an "End of Data Mark" (EOD) mark to indicate the end of the recording. After the last data record (blue in the picture below), an EOD (red) mark is written. Data beyond this mark, such as data from a previous write operation, are inaccessable to all LTO drives.
Quick Erase writes an EOD mark at the beginning of the tape.

Before Quick Erase. Data records (blue) are followed by EOD mark (red).

After Quick Erase. A EOD mark was added to the beginning of the tape.

All LTO drives discontinue reading as soon as the EOD mark is found. An EOD mark at the beginning of tape indicates empty tape.

Quick EraseTM prevents access to remaining data records

Accessing the remaining data beyond the EOD mark requires sophisticated knowledge and expensive equipment. Quick Erase prevents not only accidental access to the remaining data, but also prevents all but the most sophisticated deliberate attempts to read the remaining data.
"Full length overwrite"?

The words "full length overwrite" may sound like all data are over written, but this is not the case. See: "Full length overwrite" a 1% solution.

Does degaussing work?

Degaussing erases the servo tracks and the tapes are permanently unusable.

Degaussing of LTO and other high density tapes requires very high magnetic fields, that can be dangerous for pacemakers and other medical devices. more

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