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Automated Degaussing

The most secure data destruction method available
Degausser in a library

Until now degaussing tapes has been a manual process that had all the usual problems of manual processes.
Our LTO and 3592 degausser can easily be integrated into a library and degaussing becomes an automated process.
Your obsolete cartridges that still hold confidential information can stay in your custody until they are completely demagnetized.
Your cartridges don't have be moved from their library before degaussing.

Tapes stay in library until degaussed

The NSA approved process for the destruction of highly sensitive data on magnetic tape is a two-step process. First, the tapes are degaussed, which removes all magnetization from the tapes. Then the cartridges are shredded.
Until now, the tapes had to be removed from a library and hand-fed into large, bulky degaussers.
In most cases this labor intensive process is done by outside companies, adding an additional security risks.

Automation solves many problems

Only automation can avoid problems of manual processes. To process large numbers of cartridges automation is essential.

Converting a library

Converting a library to an automated degaussing unit is easily done by replacing the drive sleds with degausser sleds.

Automatic report generation

Detailed reports about the degaussed cartridges are automatically generated and can be customized according to your preference.

Cartridge tracking

Electronically add stamp containing degaussing information. This stamp should be checked at the shredding station.

Contact us

Our degaussers work successfully in many libraries. Contact us and let us know which library you would like to use to securely destroy undesired data.

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